Facts Myths & more about CSA. Very informative for Schools, teachers & Parents

All Schools, teachers and care givers can access this information for free, educate themselves and then educate their kids as well.

Workshops for Parents, Teachers, Support Staff and children in and around Hyderabad

Promoting child protection and child rights for our children is consequently a crucial issue, both internationally and nationally...


Thank you for exploring volunteer opportunities at Sahas Foundation. You can join us to empower children with safety skills. We need help in several areas including:


Sponsor a school of your choice for a safety workshop and we will send them the safety club kit (books, brochures, teacher training cd and any other to empower...


Do you believe that every kid has a right to safety? But just don’t have the time All you need to do is write a check to ‘Sahas Foundation’...

  • “Before anything else, safety is essential for our survival and well-being. Caregivers will always be concerned on how to preserve the physical and emotional safety of children. A safety workshop provided by Sahas Foundation beautifully and comprehensively covers all aspects of safety - in and outside the home. Moreover, there is a wonderful rhyming book with colorful pictures to flip through as a take home incentive. Children always pay attention to experiences that are novel and and enriching. The safety workshop is a life skill all children must go through"

    Anjum BabuKhan
    Director- Education
    Glendale Academy International
    M.Ed., Educational Administration & Instructional Leadership
  • “Safety of the children has become a matter of utmost concern and importance to the nation today. The foremost duty of any home, school or society is to bring up the children in an atmosphere of good health, harmony, care and safety. In the “Safety Skills” the script is plain, simple and direct; the pictures are lovely; the ideas are carefully chosen. I complement, congratulate and thank Chandana and Sumana, and the Safety Club for this small but noble initiative and commendable service for the safety of the children. I do hope that this valuable booklet will reach millions of children in our country, in various languages.”

    D.R.Kaarthikeyan,Padmashri Awardee
    Former : Chief of SIT-CBI, Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Case
    Director, Central Bureau of Investigation
    Director General, National Human Rights Commission
    Special Director General, Central Reserve Police Force